Our Jasper's Cast and Crew includes 4 generations of one family and some amazing musicians from the region.  Producer/Yodeler Lynette Guida; Director/Keys/Vocals Kathie Brekke;Darlene Rolle as Auntie Kreamsaugen; Bass/Vocals Kent Karch; Trumpet/Vocals Shawn Brekke; Sax/Flute/Clarinet Harley Sommerfeld; Sarah Miller Vocals; Melissa Johnson Vocals; Wally Johnson, Tim Zoerner Drums; Lewy Ronken Vocals/Guitar/Buddy Holly; Dan Wagner Elvis  & Johnny Cash; Travis Guida vocals; Jacki Karch (Keyboards), Neill Jordheim; Nancy Jordheim, Candis Sommerfeld, Tabitha Guida, Vivienne Guida-Concessions and Tech. Our 4th generation also may include Austin, Tygan & Espen Miller; Layla Vickmark and Bo, Avelyn & Janeah Guida.  Doug Allen Nash as Neil Diamond.  Dan Brekke, guitar, fiddle, vocals.